Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times November 19, 2009)

Every kid knows how horrible cleaning your room is. You just find how messy your room is, and you say to yourself, “now what are you going to do?” Usually, I just sit there for a while and think about what I’m going to clean first. Most of the times it looks like a Laundromat puked all over my whole room. Then I start thinking, “how could I be so lazy? If I had just picked up the clothes I’d worn I wouldn’t have to be cleaning my room in the first place.” The next step is to mope around and say, “oh, I don’t want to clean my room” just loud enough for my mom or dad to hear it.” My mom or my dad usually just say, “you can do it.” Then, I start to pick up some things and I feel like I’m getting somewhere. Next, I get distracted and start to play with items I’ve re-discovered from cleaning my room. That’s about the time that my mom comes in and says, “keep on cleaning!” I say, “I am cleaning,” even though she can clearly see there’s a toy in my hand. Eventually I think to myself about how having a clean room is a thing I really mostly love. So, I clean my room. Finally, when I finish my whole room I do a little decorating. Today, I put colored pencils, crayons, and regular pencils in Mason jars and set them on my desk. I loved when all the pencils were in the jars they made a swirly around the rim. This made it definitely worth cleaning my room.

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