Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times October 8, 2009)

The Dahlia is a beautiful, common flower that goes nicely in an arrangement with carrot top greens. They grew from August, all the way through September on our porch. They were my brother’s favorite flower. The first thing that comes up in my mind with Nasturtium is “edible arrangement.” These flowers taste like pepper conjoined with sweetness. My dad just said (when he heard me read this aloud), “the last time I heard a description like this, it was about me!” I guess I can believe my dad is a nasturtium. Like him, they don’t smell that good. We didn’t grow babies’ breath in our garden, and I sort of wish we had. They are not about size. They are about beauty. I think mice are like this, although my mother strongly disagrees with me. My family grew pink roses, with a light, lovely scent. Evi, who rides my bus, gave me a rose mint and it was really good. Of all the flowers we grew, flox had the best smell. It was overly floral if you brought it inside. Outside, it smelled just perfect. I give these flowers a Fall farewell. Soon they will freeze and wither. BUT…they will come again next spring! I will welcome them back with a warm “hello.” This means I will also have to say “hello” to the pollen, which is definitely not my best friend. Right around that time school will also be a drag for me. Hmmmm, come to think of it, pumpkins are beautiful. They are bright orange lumps of sweetness that bring me pie. Happy Fall everybody!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times September 24, 2009)

I want a cell phone. My mom won’t let me have one. I told her there are a million reasons I should have one. Reason one: what if I was stuck in a mud pit and needed to phone someone to get out? I would need a cell a phone. Reason two: what if somebody was robbing my purse and I needed to call 911? I would have to have a cell phone. Reason three (and perhaps the most important reason): what if I witnessed a murder scene and needed to take a picture to bring that murder to justice? I would need a cell phone with a camera. Reason four: what if I found buried treasure and I didn’t have a cell phone to call my mom and tell her about the moola I found? If I had a cell phone, I would call and tell mom to come to the direct spot where the moola is because it would be too heavy to carry and I would need her help with the treasure. Not only would I would need a cell phone for all this, but also if I had a cell phone for this situation, I would be able to buy cell phones for all the homeless people in New York because we’d have the treasure. Why do I think my mom won’t buy me a cell phone? There are stalkers out there, and they could track down my cell number through radio waves and keep me hostage or take my cell phone or they could call Peru and drive my cell phone bill way up. They could also track me through a deadly thing called Facebook. Do I agree with mom? No. Because I’ll be extra safe with my cell phone, just like I’ll be extra safe on Facebook. Plus, I definitely won’t call Peru.

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times September 10, 2009)

One day I went to school with a shirt with spaghetti straps. Someone in my class told me that I had to keep my coat on because shirt straps had to be “two fingers wide.” I don’t like this rule. There are so many cute shirts with straps that aren’t two fingers wide. I also don’t know why they have this rule. I have heard some schools have really strict dress codes, like you have to wear uniforms. I would hate that. It’s like the school is trying to make kids their minions, making them all the same. I just got new school clothes. They’re not even close to uniform (except one skirt I have is plaid). When I put on clothes, it’s a way to express feelings. When I’m sad I can wear blue, when I’m tense I can wear black, and if I’m excited or confident I wear things that make me look sharp, like fun and funky patterns and colors. One time I wore a tie to school and two boys said to me, “why are you wearing a tie? Ties are for boys.” I told them, “clothes have no gender,” because that’s how I feel about it. What I really wanted to make my wardrobe pop this year was a sailor shirt. Unfortunately, sailor shirts aren’t in the stores right now so I’m still looking. My teacher from last year, Ms. Warren, has very organized fashion—she always looks clean and put together, like she knows what she is doing even if it’s not what I would wear. I don’t feel comfortable in shrugs, but I saw Danielle wearing one last year and she set a trend because she looked so cool. I can appreciate the way other people express themselves through fashion. I heard someone say, “fashion is pain.” I think this means HIGH HEEL SHOES. I do not like these kinds of shoes, but what’s funny is I don’t think there’s any dress code about them. How about telling me what your fashion sense is.

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times August 27, 2009)

Are you a dog person or a cat person? There are lots of different opinions about animals. The most popular animals for pets are cats and dogs. I like both. I have had good experiences with cats. They make me sneeze, but I like to cuddle with them. I love dogs too because they help blind people, they work for people and they protect people. What I love most about my dog Moses is that he cheers me up when I’m down. I look into his pleading brown eyes and I just feel loved. I know this woman named Dominica who says she’s insecure and needs to be needed, and that dogs make her feel loved and needed. Also, she likes the way dogs smell (which I think is interesting because Moses always smells like Fritos and dish water). My brother Killian is a cat person. He says dogs are too needy, and that “cats don’t bark at everything and roll in poop. Cats are beautiful too, much more elegant than dogs.” My friend Bailey Kretchmer is a total cat person. She thinks they are cuter than dogs. She has five cats! Her favorite is Bandito because he’s a kitten and looks like he’s wearing a mask. Bailey never cleans cat litter, but I think she will still like cats even when she has to. Some people don’t have a taste for cats or dogs. They either like some other kind of animals (like fish or birds) or they don’t like animals for pets at all. I think these kinds of people are probably worried people. Maybe they are afraid that they will get a rash from fur, or that dirt will trail in and penetrate their rugs. I wish I could put the thought in their heads that they need a dog or a cat. They wouldn’t fret so much because they’d have a friend.