Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times August 27, 2009)

Are you a dog person or a cat person? There are lots of different opinions about animals. The most popular animals for pets are cats and dogs. I like both. I have had good experiences with cats. They make me sneeze, but I like to cuddle with them. I love dogs too because they help blind people, they work for people and they protect people. What I love most about my dog Moses is that he cheers me up when I’m down. I look into his pleading brown eyes and I just feel loved. I know this woman named Dominica who says she’s insecure and needs to be needed, and that dogs make her feel loved and needed. Also, she likes the way dogs smell (which I think is interesting because Moses always smells like Fritos and dish water). My brother Killian is a cat person. He says dogs are too needy, and that “cats don’t bark at everything and roll in poop. Cats are beautiful too, much more elegant than dogs.” My friend Bailey Kretchmer is a total cat person. She thinks they are cuter than dogs. She has five cats! Her favorite is Bandito because he’s a kitten and looks like he’s wearing a mask. Bailey never cleans cat litter, but I think she will still like cats even when she has to. Some people don’t have a taste for cats or dogs. They either like some other kind of animals (like fish or birds) or they don’t like animals for pets at all. I think these kinds of people are probably worried people. Maybe they are afraid that they will get a rash from fur, or that dirt will trail in and penetrate their rugs. I wish I could put the thought in their heads that they need a dog or a cat. They wouldn’t fret so much because they’d have a friend.

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