Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times June 18 issue)

I was impressed this spring by Kylie Kline in my class when she finished this book called Dragon Rider because it was two inches thick! Summer is a great time to kick back and relax with a book. Last summer I wrote about a book challenge Rosie at the Olive Library made to kids. I was going to read 24 books, but I failed. I got distracted by summer games and camps. This summer, the same thing will probably happen, but right now I’m really into reading. I started getting historical adventures from our next-door teacher, Mrs. Mayone. These books are a blast from the past coated in excitement. They boggle and interest my mind, and it’s like someone is talking to me while I’m reading. Words are like waves in my mind that satisfy me because they fill up my thoughts. I am interested in what other adults liked to read when they were my age. I asked Markus Heidelberg of Krumville and he said, “I liked little newspaper stories, short, odd stories like ‘Man Bites Dog,’ which really happened in Japan.” I know Markus, and he probably liked those stories because he’s a strange person himself (but in a good way). Margaret Cogswell of West Shokan said, “I liked reading biographies on people like Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale.” I asked her why she liked stories about nurses and she told me, “ It might have had something to do with my sister having polio when she was two. She was sick a lot and in and out of a lot of hospitals. I really admire people who help other people, and who risk there lives for and inspire people.” Readers: don’t feel discouraged about getting distracted from reading this summer: just remind yourself of why you read.


  1. I love this column! Dragon Rider is a good book. I have a whole collection of books I read when I was your age at our house. Maybe next weekend (or the weekend after - the 17th, when Maisie will be around) you could come by, have a visit, and see if any of the books interest you. We miss you! xoxo kara

  2. Great column, Cally! Please post some more.

    I'm having trouble remembering what all I read during summers when I was your age. A few years later I read alot of "The Great Brain" and "Encyclopedia Brown". Those were really fun.

    Hugs to you and everyone.
    Uncle John

  3. I love your column, It's always the first thing I read.

    I read a lot too when I was young. I was always absorbed in a book. Sometimes so much so that I would feel sad when I got the end. I think that's why I loved the "Little house" series so much, there was always more. Some other books I remember reading are: "Julie of the Wolves" "Island of the Blue Dolphins" The Cricket in Times Square" "The Borrowers" "Harriet The Spy" "Charlotte's Web" and the others by E.B. White, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"and "The Chronicles of Narnia" I remember one about a girl and her brother who got locked in the museum after it closed, I really liked that one, but I can't remember the name. Rosie would probably know.

    If I remember any others I will let you know. Hope to see you soon at the Olive library or the pool.

    Have a great summer!


  4. I second "the Great Brain" and "Little House on the Prairie" series. Both are historical fiction and provide a sense of time and place but personally relatable and relevant for me at your age. Chronicle's of Narnia are awesome, but you might notice the unpleasant anti-Islamicism, mostly in the last book. I enjoyed them throroughly before learning C.S. Lewis was a Christian 'theologist'(read racist) They're wonderful and magical though.
    "Wrinkle in Time" series by Madelaine Engle - very cool.Cosmic.
    And the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys. Ya gotta read a few just for inspiration from how bad they are. Template writing. Good for understanding basic plots, I guess.

    Aunt Lea

  5. I loved the Famous Five stories and although I've tried to inspire my daughters with these books, they seem to think them too dated. However, I noticed lots of new copies in the local bookstore this week.