Friday, July 31, 2009

Kids Corner

(Olive Press/Phoenicia Times July 16, 2009)

I lost my tooth yesterday. It’s been a year since I lost a tooth. I tried to brush my tooth (stupidly) so the tooth fairy would think it shined more and then it fell down the drain. I started to cry because a year without losing a tooth and then nothing? My dad rescued the tooth from the drain. He took the drain off and I found out that the drain was quite disgusting with gunk. My mom and dad washed the tooth off and put it safely on a shelf. Later, they took it and put it under my pillow when I was asleep.

I had dreams about jawbreakers with gummies on the inside. I did think, “why would the tooth fairy bring me candy?” But, still I kept getting up in the night to look through my bed for candy. I was also hoping to get half dollars. In the past, the tooth fairy gave me Sacagawea coins (worth a dollar a piece). Then, I got terribly sad and felt like crying because I found what the tooth fairy brought me. She brought a mango and a dollar bill. The mango smelled like compost. I was expecting more money (I don’t mean to be greedy). She also brought me a beautiful fish (my mom says it’s cloisonnét), which I love. I still feel disappointed because it wasn’t what I was thinking. I think the tooth fairy brought me more exciting stuff when I was younger. But, I’m not sure. I think maybe all kids have a little time of sadness and disappointment about what they got from the tooth fairy. The grass is greener on the other side. One year my brother got a peach and a sock. He fired the tooth fairy after that and the tooth fairy never came again. I am never going to fire the tooth fairy.


  1. My 7 year old has only lost one tooth, and all the others are hanging in tight. She can't wait for the next tooth fairy visit, but I think it will be a long time.

    When you lose your next tooth, perhaps the fairy will bring you that chamois you so covet.

  2. callificent... this really makes me laugh out loud. you are perfectly brilliant. love you sweet girl. xoxo julie